Updated July 13th, 2018

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AdGear Technologies, Inc. (“AdGear”), is committed to protecting the online privacy of consumers.

This Cookie Policy explains how and why AdGear uses cookies to recognize you when you visit websites online.

  • What are cookies?
  • Why are cookies used?
  • What are the types of cookies used?
  • Can you opt-out?

For more information on how we collect, use and share your personal information, please read our Platform Privacy Statement.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer or mobile device by the websites you visit. Cookies may contain a unique identifier (the cookieID), which is a string of characters that websites and servers use to identify the browser on which the cookie is stored. Cookies may also contain other information including the name of the website or server you visited, the duration of time that the cookie will remain on your device, and other non-personally identifying information. Cookies used by AdGear do not contain the name, address, phone number, email address, or any other information that could personally identify you.

Why are cookies used?

Websites and servers use cookies to provide many of the basic services we may expect online. When shopping online, browser cookies allow the websites you visit to perform certain services for your convenience, such as remembering what items you’ve recently viewed, what your viewing preferences are, and what items you’ve placed in your virtual shopping cart. When signing into a website, the website might use a cookie to remember your browser so that you do not have to sign-in repeatedly throughout the day. Cookies also allow websites to collect data about user activity, such as the number of visitors within a specific period of time.

AdGear sends a cookie to your browser when you visit a website that uses our technology to serve ads or to track clicks and impressions. If your browser accepts the cookie, the cookie will be stored on your browser. AdGear uses these cookies to help improve your advertising experience online. We use cookies to determine which advertisements are relevant to you and target advertising based on your preferences. We also use cookies to avoid showing you advertisements you have already viewed, to improve advertising campaign reporting and performance, and for other business reasons.

What are the types of cookies used?

The following table describes the types of cookies that may be used and their purposes:

DomainCookie NameCookie TypeDurationPurpose
samsungads.caAdGear_UIDPersistent13 monthsAdGear_UID contains a unique identifier used by AdGear’s technology platform (“Platform”) to identify browsers and devices. The Platform uses this identifier when performing ad serving functions such as ad selection (determining which advertisements to serve to the consumer) and performance reporting. The identifier may also be used to associate attributes about the device for the purposes of behavioral targeting.
samsungads.caAdGear_OPTOUTPersistent5 yearsWhen a consumer’s device connects to the Platform, AdGear_OPTOUT indicates to the Platform that the consumer of that device has chosen to opt out of behavioral advertising.
samsungads.caAdGear_SessionSessionDeleted when the browser is closedAdGear_Session contains information AdGear uses to satisfy specific ad serving functionality for its publisher clients, related to single-page advertising interactions. AdGear_Session is used to determine which ads should or should not be displayed together on a single page.
adgrx.comADGRX_UIDPersistent13 monthsADGRX_UID contains a unique identifier used by the Platform to identify browsers and devices.  The Platform uses this identifier to perform real-time-bidding and ad serving functions such as ad selection and reporting. This value may also be used to associate attributes about the device for the purposes of behavioral targeting, as well as associating multiple devices together (known as cross-device advertising).
adgrx.comADGRX_OPTOUTPersistent5 yearsADGRX_OPTOUT contains a single value: “true”. This value indicates that the consumer of the device has chosen to opt out of behavioral advertising.
adgrx.comADGRX_COOP_CSRF_TOKENSessionDeleted when the browser is closedWhen a consumer opts of behavioral advertising through the use of a third-party bulk-opt-out web application, ADGRX_COOP_CSRF_TOKEN is generated by AdGear’s servers and contains a random security value used to indicate the opt-out status within the Platform.
Persistent1 dayThese cookies contain a single value (“1”), which indicates that AdGear has successfully shared the identifier associated with the device (located in the ADGRX_UID cookie) with the ad exchange specified in the cookie name.  In the future, when the device associated with the identifier connects to the specified ad exchange, the ad exchange will relay the identifier back to AdGear’s real-time-bidding systems.

Choosing to opt out

You can opt out of interest-based advertising supported by AdGear. You can click here to opt out and the Platform will no longer serve ads, based on your online web browsing behavior, through your browser. You can opt in by clicking here.

When you choose to opt out, an opt-out cookie will be stored on your browser. The Platform will know the choice you have made when it reads your opt-out cookie and will apply your choice to all advertisers that use the Platform. Should you delete the opt-out cookie, you will need to allow cookies from AdGear once again in order to renew your opt-out choice.

Mobile device system software, such as Apple iOS or Google Play Services, provide mechanisms that allow consumers to opt out of the use of information about their usage of mobile apps to deliver targeted ads to their mobile device. For more information, or to opt out using these mechanisms, consult your device settings (“Opt out of Interest-Based Ads” on Android devices and “Limit Ad Tracking” on iOS devices).